Therapeutic Grade Essential Oils

Posted on 10/20/2010 at 6:21:54 PM

When I first started studying herbs, I also became interested in essential oils, and bought quite a few at the local healthfood store. Alas, they didn’t do what they were “advertised” to do, so I concluded that what is commonly called aromatherapy offered ONLY benefits from the aroma — primarily fragrant in nature, that any real purported benefits were simply hype.

Years later I discovered therapeutic grade essential oils. What an amazing difference. Whether to save money on the product, or to reduce potential damage to customers who don’t know how to use these extremely potent forms of herbal therapy, or both, the widely available branded so-called essential oils have been diluted or adulterated or whatever to the point that in my opinion they’re not worth buying at all, unless you just like the scent.

As a result, I offer 10ml bottles of the therapeutic grade oils that I use most frequently in the following choices:







Tea Tree Oil

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Welcome to Home-Remedies-That-Work

Posted on 10/17/2010 at 1:13:40 PM

We’ve been off-line for a bit, while we  were moving the site from one host provicer to another and trying to decide what to do with the site. If you’ve arrived before we’ve flesh out in the new blog structure, by all means let us know what you’re interested in (admin at home-remedies-that-work dot com), and in the meantime visit one of our sister sites:


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And by all means, do come back as we continue to add and build and make this a home.

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